Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age requirement?

Yes. There is a minimum required age of 10 years old.

Will I have to sign a waiver?

Yes. Everyone will need to sign a waiver. If a minor is participating, their legal guardian/parent will need to sign one on their behalf.

Does Wivot allow alcohol consumption?

Yes. It is up to the event host whether or not alcohol will/can be present. However, if someone shows to be under the influence, they will no longer be allowed to throw without a refund.

Does Wivot allow outside/catered food?

Yes. It is up to the host of the event. Total Axes does not provide any food directly.

What are your hours of operation?

We are an appointment only company unless we are located at a local event. Please contact us to see about our availability for your event.

Can I bring my own axe?

No. The only axes allowed at the events must be provided by Total Axes. For any exceptions or special events, please contact us directly to discuss.

How much space is required to host an event?

It all depends on how many cages/targets you are wanting. However, we recommend that you have a space no smaller than 12’x15′. This will easily allow for 2 targets.

How many targets do I need?

We recommend at least 2 targets for every 30 people for leisure events. If you are looking to host a tournament style event, you would need more.

How safe is axe throwing?

It is extremely safe and we take pride in the safety measures we have taken to ensure the safety of our clients.

Is Wivot insured?

Yes. We are fully insured.

What should I wear?

The only requirement is closed-toe shoes must be worn by anyone looking to participate.

Can I throw if I am pregnant?

There are no rules that prohibit pregnant women from doing so, however, it is a judgment call.

Who cannot participate?

Any person under the age of 10. Any person with a current injury or condition to their: wrists; arms; legs; back; neck.

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